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Blue Monday (a perfect day)

It is Monday, January 21 and it is "Blue Monday". For a long time labeled and sung as the most depressing day of the year .., but we still have the feeling that you have to make the most out of it, let it happen and enjoy whenever possible! A while ago we wrote and recorded our musical version of 'Blue Monday', 'Blue Monday (a perfect day)'. A song which we recorded in Moon Studios of all places and we would like to share with you today, our soundtrack for today and the future, hope you'll enjoy it!

Record Store Day Release

On Record Store Day (22th of April) we will release the CD Forza (It Is) - Alternative Versions. After enduring enthusiasm and the recurring question of whether we're gonna to release our 1 hour recording of Forza XL, recorded live on 3VOOR12 radio with Roosmarijn Reijmer, on a physical medium, the answer is YES!

3x Forza = more than 1 hour of music! Including the version recorded on the 28th of juli 2016 for 3FM with: Ingmar Heytze, Spinvis, Nuno Dos Santos, Kypski, Max Meser, Kees Schaper, Ruben Hein, Aafke Romeijn, Dennis van Leeuwen, Just Pitto, Bong-Ra, Pieter de Graaf, Jonas Pap, Maarten Vos, Mathias Janmaat, Canshaker Pi, Willem Smit, Wouter Hakhoff, Boris De Klerk, Diets Dijkstra, Bram Hakkens, Arjen de Bock, Maurits Westerik and Arjan Kamphuis.

To Indonesia!

We are invited to go to Indonesia! In March we’ll be playing some shows at Java and then travel to Bali to do some writing sessions. Every day we try to shoot some nice footage, the first episodes on our Indonesian adventure can be found here:
episode 1: Dear Jakarta
episode 2: Dear Semarang
episode 3: Dear Yogyakarta

We add videos to our Youtube-channel regularly, please subscribe and stay tuned!


be-wil-der: cause (someone) to become perplexed and confused

bewilder refers to the word 'wilderness'; a situation in which frontman Maurits Westrik suddenly finds himself about two years ago. He is overflowing with ideas and has written an abundance of songs. When he shares them with friends, they instantly propose working on his material in a band formation. The band travels to Excelsior's cabin on the lovely little island of Vlieland, where the band starts by recording a few demos with producer Henk Jonkers (Hallo Venray) and ends up creating an entire album: Dear Island.

Dear Island is an album full of unexpected turns; you never know how a song will end. This fits the Twin Peaks obsession which all band members share and that sometimes can be recognised in the gently sloping synthesizer sounds of Arjen de Bock. It's as if soundtrack compositor Angelo Badalamenti is secretly looking over his shoulder. The other band members, drummer Bram Hakkens, bass player Jeroen Overman and guitarist Arjan Kamphuis add an element of swing and rock to the intriguing compositions.

bewilder songs can be recognised by a groovy, vivacious indie sound. She Keeps on Talking has a country feel. The songs never end the way they started. 'They are as ominous as the first sip of your favourite cocktail. It tastes familiar, but it might just end up somewhere unknown', Westerik comments. ' Until now we haven't played the same show twice.' It stays exciting.

bewilder's music can be beautifully caught in images. In 2014 the track Safe is showered over the audience as the powerful backing track of a short documentary about sustainable forms of transportation over the sea of the Into The Great Wide Open festival on Vlieland. In March 2015, all of a sudden the attractive video of the song So It Goes appears, followed in June 2015 by the video of Carry On, Carry on, shot by Westerik himself. In November 2015 bewilder released the video of Forza (It Is), a well received tribute to the 80s video. 

Past performance actually does guarantee future results. bewilder is a new band formation, with familiar faces. Over the past years, they have developed themselves separately. And now they are ready to look forward. On August 28th 2015, Dear Island is released by Excelsior Recordings. The album is baptised at the Into The Great Wide Open festival at Vlieland. Dear Island has become a frequently heard record on Dutch radio. To quote one of Holland's finest music reviewers: 'It's been a long time since a record as strong and varied as Dear Island has been released in the Netherlands.'

Maurits Westerik
Vocals, Guitar

Arjan Kamphuis

Bram Hakkens
Drums, vocals

Diets Dijkstra
Bass guitar

Arjen de Bock
Keys, vocals







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